Features Overview

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One-time attachment

With a quick switch, Zuke fits into your ski binding. No hassle and nothing to carry.

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Fits sizes UK 6-11 

Easily fit Zuke to boot sizes 6-11, women's and men's. To make it as easy as possible, we'll supply you with a fitting jig and all the fastenings you need.

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Glove-friendly operation

The tactile design of Zuke makes switching between walking and skiing modes easily achieved with gloves on.

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Anti-freeze design

We've rigorously tested Zuke in skiing conditions. 

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Extreme Grip

Heavy textures on the grip points make switching between modes quick and easy in snowy conditions.

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Tough and rugged

Zuke has a stainless steel metal reinforced overmoulded frame, meaning it's built to last.


Zuke is safe