Love skiing, not the walking

Everyone loves to ski, yet we've all experienced the pain which walking in ski boots can cause. We've designed Zuke to solve this problem. Zuke gives your ski boots a smooth curved sole, relieving the pains and pressures which traditional flat soled ski boots cause.

Flat = pain.JPG
Curved = comfy.JPG

Zuke is for walking, and skiing

We know you don't want the hassle of attaching, removing and reattaching walking aids to your boots, so we've designed Zuke to stay on your boots at all times. This means no hassle, and nothing to carry.

To do this, we've given Zuke two modes; walking and skiing. 

Walking Mode

Snow, tarmac, ice, gravel, stairs, no matter what surface you're walking on, Zuke's curved soles will make it more comfortable.

Skiing Mode

Once in skiing mode, your boot clips into your binding as normal. Zuke is safe, your boot ejects from your binding as normal too.


Ski, Switch, Walk, Switch, Ski

Zuke is designed to easily and quickly switch between skiing and walking modes. Ideal for walking to the ski lifts, in between runs, at lunch breaks and après ski.

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